I Will Acknowledge the Shallowness of My Depth: An autoimmune, spontaneous prose essay

My biggest pleasure in reading this video essay came from feeling my eyes move rapidly across the screen while you were using the notes app. The dizzying array of AI-generated word suggestions and the speed of choice-making described ‘surface’ to me as much as the words and their meanings coming up on the screen.”

- Jenny Perlin

“I think that there’s something about the way that the surface is constructed, built up as it were, and the way this material thing somehow gives the appearance of a vision, an image, or a world, that is crucial.”

- Gustav Jørgen Pedersen, “A Dialogue with Edvard Munch,” Metode (2023) vol. 1 Deep Surface

Watching the essay, I get an understanding of surfaces as something we often overlook as spaces of experience. The surface of inscription is used to show how we perceive ‘surfaces of knowledge’ as spaces you burrow into, hover over or enter to get beyond which create an illusion of the infinite. With Levinas’s On Escape, the infinite of knowledge extraction is explained as a site – not emancipated from the finite – but as a space with membranes of escapes which leaves you with an existential pain of haunting for more.”

- Julie Barfod

“Two questions came to my mind while watching the videos: ‘Do surfaces exist in space? Do surfaces need gravity?’”

- Beatrice Zaidenberg

Marius Moldvær, “I will Acknowledge the Shallowness of my Depth: An autoimmune, spontaneous prose essay,”Metode (2023), vol. 1 ‘Deep Surface’